Harvey McGee

alles D



Down in Texas El Paso
Where they swing  the lazy lasso
lived a boy, aged 15
and his name was, Harvey McGee
He couldnt talk but he could hear
he had no voice, just an ear
and he found a way to communicate
so he could go on a date


He used his guitar as his voice
so he could talk, with the boys
for every word he had a rif
despite his handicap he could live
Friends and family
learned the language of Harvey McGee
were gonna give you a language course
and teach you a few words




Say Hallo baby, (talking guitar), say it again Hello baby (talking guitar)
Say: I read books, honey!  (talking guitar) , say: sure, I read books (talking guitar)
Say: Nice boobs, baby (talking guitar), ha ha say it again(talking guitar)
Say: My place or yours? (talking guitar), say: let’s go go go (talking guitar),


D -This conversation is dull, i wanna hear some more
D – so tell us the gossips, of this dirty village store
G – come on harvey bring it on
G – thrill our imagination
G – tell the stories that you know
A – come on harvey GO GO GO




So lets have a conversation
and listen to the vibration
of harveys guitar strings
to hear what he thinks


[einde solo]